Friday, September 26, 2014


I've been absent from this thing for awhile. I'd love to say its because I've been off doing exciting things but I've really just been bogged down by work and family and the huge disconnect between the two. It finally reached such a fever pitch in my mind that I was forced to make some big life decisions.

I'm often told that I'm impatient and don't have to do everything right now. Plenty of people hike long trails and do big things once they retire, when money, stability and goals line up. But then I think of all the people I see, broken down well before retirement. Peers who broke their backs mountain biking, coworkers who end up in nasty car crashes trach'ed and unable to ever perform their profession again, not to mention the patients I see over and over again who will never have their quality of life back.

My last few months have been a haze of driving and working and feeling constantly overwhelmed. I was upset when I found I couldn't remember the last time I took a real hike and when I did go out it was flat and disappointing. I'm in a funk, I watch to much tv and do nothing with my days, which is not where I want to be. I feel like I'm that little kid screaming and kicking on floor in the supermarket,  "I want to go now..." and you know what after a whole lot of overanalyzing I do. So while change is terrifying I've decided why not, whether I'm impatient, selfish or simply taking advantage of the options out there I'm off.

Instead of camping last weekend I begged off and spent the weekend packing all of my belongings. New jobs, new places and hopefully some pretty grand adventures. Stay tuned, this blog will probably be on a bit of a hiatus as I figure things out but hopefully come April I'll be a little more clear headed and back on a long trail.

After all that whining there were some high points. Never underestimate the joys of chickens and goats in the magical fairyland that you can find in marin county or the sheer determination of cats to take over whatever you are trying to accomplish.

Sebastapol rooster, one day buddy. I'm determined
to have chickens when I stop
being so darn restless ...

padded for safe transport

my new library, discovered wandering aimlessly through my new neighborhood 
I giggle too much at all things cow related

yup, this will be happening, here's hoping 2015