About Me

I started this journal in 2012 to help chronicle my thruhike of the Pacific Crest Trail, only now I've finished the trail and found that I miss blogging. So bear with me as I face the blogging world all over again. 
I'm originally from the bay area where I spent summers in the mountains and weekends in the Berkeley Hills. I've been backpacking and car camping for as long as I can remember and am happiest outdoors. 
I was lucky enough to complete the entire Pacific Crest Trail in 2012 and this summer will be fulfilling my last 3 years worth of daydreaming and hitting the Continental Divide Trail. 


  1. Hey Maya!!!

    it's me, Bob (a.k.a Carver Marks, that guy) from the JMT a few years back. You're in my Vid and we've never ever hooked up for a beer in Berkeley. Jonathan sent me the news, via FB.

    I am eagerly awaiting your trip reports as I, sadly, hope to have a real job in a few weeks in order to pay off some debt and really, the poor thing has been kinda sucky.

    Have you foillowed anyone elses PCT journals . . . I followed Erin's this last season . . . great woman, good advice:


    I'll be there with you every step, or word . . . BOB

  2. Bob! of course I remember you, I can't believe you remember meeting us! Jobs are good but I can't wait to get out there this season. Who knows how life will work but maybe you can still do something out there.
    I followed Erin's blog last year and its one of the reasons I'm even trying this whole blog thing. Hope we can meet up again and enjoy being hiker trash :)

  3. Hi! Just browsing journals and wanted to say good luck and nice blog! :)

    I'll be out there too- can't wait!!!! Looks like we might get a good snow year for leaving early, huh? (fingers crossed)

    Todd R.

    1. I'm so excited and I feel like I'm running around in circles right now but figure it will all work out. I'm hoping for a little bit of an early start too, just glued to the weather right now!

  4. Best of luck. Looks like you're well experienced and raring to go.

  5. Howdy, Maya. I flipped some coins for the Larabars, and you won... It's not much, but it'll be something to start you out on the PCT. Drop me a line by email so I can get them on their way to you. My email is in the "about me" page on my blog. Cheers!

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  7. Maya, I stumbled upon your blog while investigating the PCT for a weeklong trip. While I don't know you, my wife and I are cheering you on virtually. Best of luck! We would love to send you some "lightweight" Oregon goodness if you don't mind. You can email me at nowwhatbob @ gmail.com

  8. Maya, I'm so excited for you to have taken the leap and to be experiencing your dream! At 25 mi/day, you'll be long past me when I reach the JMT from Piute Pass headed SB to Whitney Portal. My good thoughts will be with you and I'll be following your blog, and catching up on your trip when I return. Have a safe and fabulous adventure!