Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh electronics

I decided to finally jump on the bandwagon and get a smartphone. For those of you who know me you can appreciate how big of a deal this was. I just haven't seen the need to pay ridiculous amounts of money so I can see what everyone is doing on Facebook this exact moment and I have somehow I have managed to get by not checking my email until I get home in the evening. With all of that said I know there are lots of perks to these fancy phones and the cheapskate within finally gave in.

There is a saying within the hiking community, hike your own hike. Some people oppose a lot of electronics on the trail. Detracting from nature, a dangerous crutch etc. I understand the disadvantages of relying on a little piece of plastic and glass but I also see how handy it can be. With pay phones disappearing I will be able to check in with family, coordinate mail drops, and make town stays more efficient plus I can journal when I feel up to it. I still prefer the good old map and compass route but I will also have a backup set of maps available offline (thank you halfmile). I'm sure there are other uses but those are the big ones right now. So as long as I have service and power and don't break the silly thing this lovely little iPhone will be making my journey with me. Now I just need to learn to use it.
On that note this is my first time posting with the phone so be kind.

The photos are from a quick overnight this week. More details later...


  1. Hi Maya. Just a note on using the smart phone's camera. Try to keep the background away from the sun and bright sky, it'll wash your features out and the viewer we'll see nothing but dark images. See 'Wandering Dot'(s) photos and video on PCT's journal site from last year. A lot of the video you can't even see what she's talking about, especially in her pre-hike gear videos. The camera phones leave a lot to be desired in quality, so learn its strengths and shortcomings. Are you getting nervous about the hike yet? It'll get there . . .

    1. yeah this whole smartphone is way new to me and du eto my inexperience I'm still thinking about bringing a regular old point and shoot that I actually know how to use :)