Monday, October 1, 2012

A video or 9...

Videos are always fun, just like pictures they never really capture everything but they give a little bit of a different perspective. I tried putting them in the blog along the way but they rarely loaded so I picked a bunch to entertain anyone still reading this thing. Sometimes its just me talking to myself (that's what happens when you spend so much time alone) and there are a few of some other hiker trash. 

This was our sledding adventure right after Forester Pass, Cheese was our guinea pig on some Tyvek...

One of my big days in the Sierra, over Pinchot then Mather Pass

The area right before Sonora Pass

And you thought all the water in the wilderness came from lakes and streams...

Near McKenzie Pass (Sisters, OR)

Ramona Falls (day after Timberline)

Across the Bridge of the Gods and into Washington

 Morning views

A glimpse of Goat Rocks, and honestly this was before the insane knife ridge gorgeousness

Log crossing of the Suiattle, Kombucha and then Toast heading across

Getting close to Canada!

I love Washington

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