Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wonderland Trail: Day 7 Golden lakes - Mowich Campground

I could have started my day slowly but I had been plotting since the insanity of the thunderstorms so out early was the name of the game. 

the rangers cabin at golden lakes

Not the most exciting hike out, but plenty of berries to snack on.

Made it down to one last glacial creek crossing. Luckily all the bridges were intact, once again I was lucky and hit the trail a day or two after the bridges had been replaced.

One last long climb up to Mowich. Pretty forested and seemed a bit long. I kept thinking I was closer and would hear voices but then of course was nowhere near the end. And then I was done.

I managed to snap an end photo (day hikers had lousy luck with my camera phone so that's me with a lovely parking lot view), eat another snack and then hit the road. My grand plan was that I could rehike two different sections I had missed due to the weather. I had hiked 10 miles that morning and finished up before noon. If I drove to sunrise (the rangers mentioned a 1.5-2 hr drive there from mowich) I could day hike the Berkeley Park section as an out an back of 8 miles then camp at White River. Then day 2 I could out and back from White River past Summerland to Indian Bar. The section I had been so sad to have missed. So with grand plans I hit the road.

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