Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Trinity Alps Day 4

I woke up in the pitch black to the dog at the tent door, opening the tent I realized it was wet outside, guess those clouds had stuck around. The dog retired from her faithful watch dog post and curled into a little ball in the tent while I hoped that not putting up a rainfly wasn't something I was going to regret. Soon enough it was daylight, and pretty darn chilly. The clouds were gathering but no rain yet, everything was damp and hanging around camp in the cold didn't sound that appealing so an early morning start was in store.

At first it looked like the storm might have been blowing away

nope, climbing out of deer lakes it began to snow
Up over Deer Creek Pass and down into Siligo meadow it stayed cold but the snow only came in flurries and moments of sun peeked through.

Going up and over Little Stonewall pass was a quick adventure, much faster with the actual trail this time. Going up snowy passes is so much simpler than down for me.

The view from the real trail, had missed this little section on the first go round
Over the last pass, looking down towards Trinity Lake from Stonewall pass. All downhill from here

4 hours after leaving camp we were back at the glamorous trailhead. Soon enough we were back on the dirt road heading home.

A very useful sign on the 6 mile forest service dirt road... (turn right)
On the way back we stopped at the Hat Creek Rim Overlook. A section of PCT I saw last on July 4, 2012. Its probably one of only three times on the entire trail I can remember with an actual date. I remember night hiking this section after a day of 4th of July festivities under a full moon. Looking back at Lassen and the trail heading north all I wanted to do was keep walking.

Almost 5 hours later it was back to Reno, where I was unfortunately met with the Hunter Creek Falls fire. Welcome to summer folks, its a dry one.

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