Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 37-42 Rest and Relaxation

The 5/29-4/2

And then I took what felt like a million days off. Shin splints don't fix themselves by hiking 25+ miles a day so rest was the plan. So far this shin thing is the most frustrating thing to happen. Sitting still just goes against everything I want right now. 

Ice will hopefully fix everything 

Springtime is on its way in Chama

I had stayed the first night at a local trail Angels house. She hiked the CDT before it was a trail, back in 1981 from border all the way to Yellowstone, pretty awesome. But by my second day the house was getting crowded and there was talk of drum circles and all I really wanted was to not spend another night alone in a too soft bed with dogs howling and barking near my window. Delightful and I did a few errands and were generally useless for the morning. Funsize, Mountain Spice, Lionheart and Shannon showed up in the afternoon which was great. They eventually headed back to their hotel and I joined them, leaving the overwhelmingly loud drum circle house. 

The group had been having a great time but was ready for a little time off for healing blistered feet and a little snow melt. Even more exciting was being with Shannon who had driven here. So instead of taking a bunch of days off in Chama alone, we ended up driving up the trail to the bigger town of Pagosa Springs. The motel was full of other hikers and we got to get a ton of updates about the upcoming section as hikers streamed in over the next 4 days. 

Icing the leg in the back of a pickup, driving to Pagosa Springs

Well I guess it's official now, we found a sign so it's finally true. Colorado!!

We killed a ton of time doing nothing, grocery shopping, playing at thrift stores, going to the gear shop a million time and even seeing a movie. Good times but a whole lot of downtime for people who have been hiking everyday. 

Getting my cat fix, Rinaldi is the Pinewood Motels resident cat

The local Chinese restaurant got so excited to see us, I guess our waitress is friends with a local triple crowner and loved chatting trail. 

Hanging out with friends who know how to make collages on their phones, clearly a win. 

Isn't this how you wear microspikes?

Getting serious, starting to resupply 

5 days of food in the snow, that's going to be heavy...

I probably should work on my poker face, clearly I'm the guiltiest party but Mountain Spice isn't free and clear either. 4 days in town leaves for some pretty good prank time

Cheap neon shorts, heck yes I'm ready to glissade now. Buying a second layer so I don't rip the seat out of my real hiking clothes. 

After far to many trips to Walmart and the gear store we loaded up and resupplied. Going to head to Chama and give this thing a shot. The shin is tender to the touch and still smarts a bit but after almost 6 days off it I'm going to give it a shot. 

If I can't see the snow it won't be too bad right?

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  1. ice ice baby . . . ouch about the shin splints . . . maybe hiking through the snow will be both good and bad---at least you'll always have your shins "iced"