Friday, September 9, 2016

Day 127: Lakes, Ponds and Puddles

8/24: West Branch Ponds Rd - gravel beach
Mile: 2119.3 - 2149.8 (30.5 miles)

I wake up at 4 and can't fall back asleep. I close my eyes and lay there until I finally give up and am hiking by 6. At least I get to start my day with delicious spring water.

It's hard to remember what I've read and listened to lately but it's been a fair number of fairy tales and I can't help but see faces in trees and the bodies of giants under the moss covered boulders. It makes for a fun few miles. It's fairly flat but covered in rocks, roots and mud. No shock there.

I cross the East Branch of the Pleasant river and watch a moose enjoy breakfast. This one is farther away than the last and I can watch without disturbing her, at least for awhile. Not wanting to bother her too much I head up Little Boardman Mountain.

I don't know why but this is one of my favorite privies I've seen lately. Pooping with friends?

The rest of the day seems all about water. I'm always near a creek, river or pond. It's shockingly flat although I still have to watch my feet a good chunk of the day. Still it's the quickest miles I've made in forever. It probably helps that breaks are dictated by mosquitos. They aren't too bad but you can't sit still for long so unless it's a windy spot breaks are short. And today is hot, and unfortunately not very windy at all. At least the tree cover is nice.

Metal stairs are a first.

I manage to catch a little sunset on the lake before devouring my dinner. Something howls in the darkness and it's eerie and beautiful, later I'm told it's loons which makes perfect sense. I'm getting more excited about finishing but there will still be a lot to miss. As usual it's all bittersweet.

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