Monday, November 28, 2016

Road Trip Part One: Zion

Well I went and did it, I've got a real full time job for the first time in what feels like forever but is really just about 2.5 years. Contract work has been a wonderful way to thruhike but I've been ready to try this sitting still thing for awhile now and it's finally looking official.

With a start date and nothing longer than a two day weekend in my near future I figured one last hurrah and a quick road trip would be a fun way to celebrate the holidays. Since it's November and not exactly warm the goal was to see a few parks I hadn't seen and keep suffering to a minimum making it from California to Texas by thanksgiving. Which meant the luxury of car camping, day hikes and hotel rooms when the temps dropped to 6 not including the wind chill and zero time in a plane.

We started our drive heading down through Southern California and Las Vegas. We weren't in any rush, enjoying rest stop bathrooms and diners along the way. The joys of running water and flush toilets never get old.

Although even in the front country water isn't always awesome... All rest areas are not created equal.

We made it to Zion late day two with enough time to squeeze in one pretty hike and enjoy sunset.

Stopping at the visitor center we found that the 10 day sunny forecast was no more and we had choices to make. We decided against staying longer in Zion, I've never been to Bryce before and would rather take advantage of nice weather somewhere I've never seen.

Stealth camping in Springdale then one more Zion overlook hike and onwards to Bryce.

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