Friday, June 21, 2013

Bolinas Ridge

Okay lets face it, Reno isn't a particularly green place. I'm not talking recycling and save the earth green, I'm talking rolling green hills and canyons full of ferns kind of green. And yes there is some kind of green sagebrush and lots of trees in the foothills but I live in the desert now and most of the green here is pretty darn fake (lawns are not natural folks). So I was pretty excited when I decided to head down to the bay area for a few days. Visiting family and hiking where moisture is a regular occurrence was hard not to look forward to. Between the family visiting and work schedule I ended up with one day by myself to hit the hills of Marin.
I chose the Bolinas Ridge Trail, a great hike I've done a few times in the past that I always really enjoy. I ended up with about a 16 mile loop. Starting in forest canyons, climbing up to the Bolinas ridge line full of sweeping vistas and an occasional cow and then back to the forested creek walk that is the Cross Marin Trail. Whats not to enjoy?
This trail has the added bonus of being accessible by a short road walk, I love not having to drive to trail heads.

 Everything is in bloom and the berries are so close to being ripe!

 Then it was into the trees, I've missed redwoods.

 The turn of to the actual hike was about 2 miles into my walk.

 Forest and creek along an old fire road.

 Then it was climbing, its actually a pretty steep trip but with the shade its hard to really notice.

 The top is wide open and great. I got distracted for a good half hour by some early blackberries. So very delicious.

The grass is beautiful but I forgot how quickly the hills turn brown. For a few months in spring it is all bright green and amazing, although a bit of a mud pit.

After cutting down from the ridge its  another few miles on the cross Marin trail, the only really crowded section of the trail as it heads past all the car camping that is Samuel P Taylor Park. Then on to finish the loop. What an enjoyable way to spend and afternoon.
If you ever end of in Marin I highly recommend it, the best link for actual trail info I've found is this:

Now I'm back in the desert, enjoying the aspen and slightly cooler temps we've been enjoying. I've got some pretty high hopes for the next few months so cross your fingers on me not procrastinating myself out of any of my plans. 

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