Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh hey there June 25th

I'll admit it, yesterday didn't start out too hot. Nothing like a good old shot to your self esteem to bring on the self doubt and pity. See I had pretty high hopes for my day, last year on June 25th I was in Sierra City having a blast.
Now why would I remember something like that? Just another small town near the PCT, an okay grocery store and the Red Moose Inn. But see last year I was hiking on the PCT and Sierra City happened to be where I spent my birthday. That was one fantastic birthday, and this year instead of being out hiking I was woken up with negative phone call and an unhappy start to my day.
So after letting my thoughts spin more and more into the land of self pity and frustration I gave up on sleeping and did the only thing I could think of to cheer me up. Ran to the mountains. And it was perfect, a strangely blustery day complete with light showers and lots of clouds. So while my night at work was much more sleep deprived than usual the peace of mind I bought myself for those few hours seemed pretty worth it. Thank the trail for what little sanity and humor I had last evening, it sure was a close call.

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