Friday, June 27, 2014

Yosemite Loop Day 4: back to the valley floor

4 miles

I don't know why I'm surprised when I wake up in the dark, bear lockers and voices again echoing across the campground. I think about my options and quickly pack up. I think most of the early risers are off to Half Dome which means I have a real chance of enjoying Nevada Falls and the Mist trail without the line of people that I have been stuck in during more normal hiking hours.

I have the top of Nevada Falls all to myself, pretty sweet. The crowds seem to make me disproportionately angry on this trip so I figure avoiding them is my best bet for enjoying my last morning on the trail.

Nevada Falls 
I start seeing people as soon as I pass the top of Nevada Falls, but I'm going against the flow of traffic and I'm not yet tripping on other peoples heels and constantly stopping to let streams of people pass (my experience last time I was on this trail).

The falls are impressive and soon enough I'm passing Vernal Falls and then really its all done. So many people heading up as I walk towards Curry Village and my car. I feel like I'm in a little silent bubble, the strangeness of being solo surrounded by groups. Overall its a quick 4 miles and my car is safe and sound with my extra food still waiting for me in the parking lot bear locker. I search for a bathroom and a water fountain and debate day hiking. But really I'm over it. My last morning I have usually already checked out mentally and this whole trip had me in an odd mood. So much time for introspection isn't necessarily always in my favor. I drive towards the bay area, my phone telling me all sorts of things relating to real life that I wish I could hide from for a bit longer. Why did I speed through this escape? Oh well I have high hopes to shake my grumpy mood, next month Colorado! 

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  1. Another fantastic report with awesome pictures! Thanks!