Thursday, July 10, 2014

Excited Much?

I will shortly be on the road to Colorado for 11 days of adventure. Snow reports are still on the high side and plans may change but for now its Collegiate Loop time! Curious about what exactly I'm getting myself into? Awesome info:

I got all ambitious and washed my down jacket, I'm still terrified I will destroy my sleeping bag so just one down item at a time for now. But the jacket is shiny and fluffy again, I forgot the thing was ever so shiny, guess a few years of grime will do that.

I am warding off evil spirits and will most likely be carrying both a knee brace and my microspikes out of fear of steep descents and icy snow. The western side of the trail still has a ton of snow, Colorado got something like 20% of its entire snow pack in may and I'm not sure how much of it is holding on...

The only disappointing note so far is I caved and bought a few pieces of new gear, all of which are late and should be arriving on my doorstep a few days into my trip, bummer. But always an excuse for more adventuring!

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