Friday, August 29, 2014

Lost Coast Part 2

Day 2 of hiking is a simple one, w are only planning on going to Big Flat/Miller Flat, maybe 8.5 miles away. Plus the trail is supposed to be mostly on the bluff, no impassable zones at all to worry about. The day starts slow, I enjoy sleeping in but I get restless when we don't even manage to leave camp until after 11.

Some washed out trail and sandy detour brought us to a freshwater creek and a lunch spot that reminded me of giant glaciated canyon mouths in Washington.

An old fire road had me stretching my legs and cruising ahead of the group, giant jack rabbits and sweeping views. I make it to Big Flat and Rattlesnake Trail junction much quicker than expected and soon enough the group gathers and sets out looking for campsites. Quite a few false starts later (and a whole lot of sidestepping groves of poison oak) had us with a campsite and some down time.
We aren't going anywhere the next day, the group has planned a layover day so we wanted a nice campsite and this one will work out okay, although I still think our last campsite was nicer. But maybe thats just the rocks and poison oak talking.

We wake up early to take advantage of the low tide and explore some tide pools and enjoy the morning.

The rest of the day is spent doing pretty much nothing. The kids find our first rattlesnake and we try to find nice shady spots and enjoy reading and taking it easy.

the camera doesn't come close to giving the views justice. The tide rolled in and the whole ocean looked pastel
and gorgeously surreal. 
Life decisions and serious future talk with a little sunset view

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