Friday, August 29, 2014

Lost Coast part 3

The rest of the group had one more night but I unfortunately had to head back to work so this was my final day of hiking. I decided to hike with the group until lunch and go solo from there. Only 9 miles but a chunk had to be done before high tide so we headed out early into the fog.

and back to rocky impassable zones

I liked the eerie fog, it played fun tricks with the coastline

This was a long stretch and by the time we passed out of the impassable zone I was cranky. To rewind a bit during this whole trip whoever got to an intersection/stop first would drop their pack and head back and grab our leaders pack. She was doing fine but had a heavy pack and with no extra padding in her feet and some arthritic knees the rocky terrain was proving tough. So there was a lot of triple hiking sections. This morning that had meant an extra few miles for me, 1 mile for me and then the two to yo yo back to the group across slick rock and I was not enjoying it. The beach is pretty but I think I still prefer good old fashioned trail.
The sun broke out and started beating down, I guess we had avoided this pretty well but it was hot! The section felt extra long and lunch was a welcome relief in the first trees we had seen for a few miles. After lunch I hit the beach and headed back to my car at Shelter Cove. Uneventful with only one rock outcropping that needed some creative timing to get around dry. Then free and clear until I found the parking lot, peeled out of my dirty clothes and drove the long 7 hours back to the real world.

last rock to dodge

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