Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 1, rattles and beestings, aka Hauser Creek

Made it to the border bright and early, a giant fence stretching in either direction with a cool PCT monument. A total of ten of us started out from scout and frodos (trail angels who put us up for the night and drive us to the trailhead at 6 am) this morning to tackle the PCT.

Now remember that small steps plan, well along with that my biggest goal has been to pace myself. I tend to get a little carried away and push myself to soon, ending up bitter and injured. I would hate to have to bail early due to injury so slow and steady is the plan.

Ended up going about 16 miles to Hauser Creek where 5 other folks from this morning have also stopped. A few haven't made it quite yet but should be getting here soon.

The hike was fantastic, winding up and through surprisingly green desert, although at over 90 degrees with no breeze it was no cakewalk. All part of the journey right?

I have the luck of being the only hiker today to startle 2 gigantic rattlesnakes, one in the grass and one right at eye level in a boulder just to keep it interesting. Also managed to get stung by 2 bees but nothing swelled up and I now have the nice habit of flinching and setting out at a dead run when I hear buzzing or rattles much to the amusement of my fellow hikers.

Luckily enough there is water in our campsite that doesn't look to awful and the long climb out of the canyon won't be tacked until the cool morning. Life is good.

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