Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 2, Fred Canyon

Woke up bright and early and headed up out of houser creek towards lake Morena before the heat got to brutal. 60 degrees by 7 am had us worried.

Relaxed at Morena eating snacks and waiting as a few other hikers rolled in. After a nice long break headed towards cottonwood creek and then on towards boulder oaks campground.

Attempted to beat a bit of the heat by sitting under the trees at boulder oaks campground and enjoying the water faucet. After that was a climb out of the canyon in 90 plus heat with zero breeze. Definitely an energy sapper. Visibly slowing with achy feet we stopped at Fred canyon. About 16 miles from our start. Right now a total of 7 hikers here with a few more probably appearing before dark. Going to hit up Mt Laguna for our resupply and figure it out from thee. I've cream is the talk of the day.

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  1. Maya,

    Congrats on putting one foot in front of the other and off you go!!!!

    Bob (of the JMT)