Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 5, campsite near mile 82

So much happens in a day that by the time I sit down to write on this thing I feel like I've forgotten half the fun stuff. Shorter entries too bc as much fun as blogging is my dinner tends to take precedence, hope it's all still enjoyable.

So today headed out from our dry camp and sped down hill towards water, the Rodriguez fire tank which was cold and delicious and really just a big giant cement tank in the middle of nowhere.

Nice breakfast break and we started on towards scissors crossing, which rumor had it was full of water, it's a cache stocked by local trail angels. We were excited to hear about water and rumor had it that it might be cooler, meaning 80's not 90's, plus all down hill...

Turned out to be 9 miles with no shade and no wind, a beautiful descent down to the valley floor started kicking out butts, really feels like the desert now with cactus everywhere, but way more old burn areas than any of us realized.

Passed quite a few south bounders heading for kickoff and finally got to the water cache after trekking across the valley floor. Not much water left but seems like I had lost my group of hikers on the climb to meet a whole new set. People sort of travel in loose groups and meet up in places like campsites and water caches so it's fun to see new faces.

This is the second cache, you really need to see it for yourself ;)

Decided to take advantage of the wind that had kicked up we started a long ridge climb in search of a campsite, all the while eyeing what may be a storm coming our way.

Our spot is windy but could be worse, great views and we are now closer to our next water source. This is a tricky section where water is sparse and makes for some long days.

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