Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 129, Well hello pretty mountains

Daily mileage: 32
Mile 2498-2530

I woke up at 4:40 to darkness and wind, although thankfully clear skies, and promptly curled deeper into my sleeping bag. I could get up early and aim for bigger miles, or not. Sometime after 5 I dragged myself out of the cozy comfort of my sleeping bag and hit the trail. Down and around the trail went, pretty streams and wildflowers over a hillside and I got to see Hawkeye, Kombucha, and Wrong Way as we ran into each other on the trail. We hit the bottom of the valley and officially passed the 2500 mile mark. These milestones are still pretty darn exciting. Then it was back to climbing.

Past Lake Sally Ann and the views just started to get better.

Up and around the trail contoured. It was fun hiking on and off with other people today. Toast, cheese and Matt all were around this morning. Lots of great views and company.

Then it was time to head down. Snow and creeks everywhere. Then into the forest and big glacier creeks, so scenic.

The best bridge of the day, over Kennedy Creek.

Back to climbing, I wanted to make it to the top by dark but it was starting to look tight. 7 miles and around 2500 ft of climbing, up down and all around. More beautiful creeks and wildflowers and such a good sunset. As dark closed in I was still switchbacking up the mountain and within sight of the top. I wasn't quite at the top but I was so close and with patches of snow in the fading light I called it quits and just sat staring at the huge mountains surrounding me. A hot dinner and a nice soft camping spot was all I needed, what a beautiful day.

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