Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 134, The last full day

Daily mileage: 31
Mile 2605-2636

This is it, my last real day on the PCT. Tomorrow I'll be at the border and officially finished with this trip. It all just seems so unreal.
Well it's chilly out this morning but no where near as cold as last night. Up walking with the sun and the mountains today. Contoured my way down and around to granite pass and then a slow climb to Methow Pass. In the shadows with everything covered in frost, it's definitely getting more like fall out here. I was lazy last night about water and have none this morning. There's nothing like passing a ton of small trickles to feel like the trail is taunting you just a bit. No worries though, I knew a real creek was 4 miles from where I camped, not far in the cold morning air. Although that icy cold water did taste good when I got there. You'd think i would have all this stuff dialed in by now. I'm going to miss drinking from streams like this, although that whole running water whenever I would like it will be pretty thrilling.

And then it was time to descend, 7 miles watching mountains and sitting in the forest. I keep catching myself just grinning at nothing. Someone told me that once you hit that Washington border you fly and this last stretch has been pretty euphoric. It doesn't hurt that it's beyond gorgeous.

Then it was back to climbing, 6 miles and 3000 ft. It was pretty exposed and about halfway up I had to stop and take a breather. My foot started bothering me pretty badly yesterday and I have no clue why. Feels a bit line a deep bruise but it's making walking a bit trickier than usual. As I'm sitting there feeling sorry for myself who should pop up but Wrong Way and Caveman. I knew they couldn't be far behind me. As usual they cheered me up and I was able to fly up the last 3 miles. Look at those views.

The flats and the downs seem to bug my foot more so after the climb I slowed a bit but it was really just a lot of contouring. Not to hard, but surprisingly crowded. Always funny how you can tell you are near a trail head.

Found the guys taking a lunch break and stopped to sit for a bit. Longest break I've taken in awhile, dried gear and just hung out. What a mellow and enjoyable afternoon.

Back to hiking, only 4 miles left until Harts Pass. That's the last official road crossing on the PCT and I'll admit I was hoping for some trail magic. Alas it was not to be. Some contouring through a burn and then a small dirt parking lot, hmm okay then. Kept going and after a bit of climbing it was back to gorgeous contouring.

I wasn't sure how far I really wanted to go but at 7 something I ran into Caveman and Wrong Way who had decided to stop early. I figured an early night would be a treat and so here I am camped 24 miles from the border and the end of this insane journey. Well okay, an end to this part of the journey.

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