Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 132, Hanging out in Stehekin

Daily mileage: 0

Around 4 am I opened my eyes to find that the clear skies had disappeared and I was being rained on. Hmm, that's not good. Threw my Tyvek over my sleeping bag and tried to fall back asleep. Turns out, if you use your ground cloth every night for 4 months it's not so water proof anymore. Around 5 am with a very damp sleeping bag I convinced Caveman to get up and do what every good thruhiker should do. Nope not set up my tent, we went and hid from the rain in the public laundry room. It was pretty hilarious especially because it wasn't even that rainy anymore. It didn't matter as long as our gear could dry. Besides we had plans that morning. Sleeping in just wasn't meant to be. The bakery puts out day olds when they open and that's at 7:30 and an hour before the first shuttle. So we knew we were walking to that bakery, priorities are important in thruhiking and baked goods are pretty high up there. Caveman, Toast and I headed out enjoying the views happy as can be.

Eric and Big Slice were already there and planning to hit the trail that morning. I still wasn't sure and with the chilly clouds and wet gear I was in no rush. The vague plan is for everyone to hit the border monument on the 31st and the morning of the 1st so we can have a big collection of folks which sounded fun. So mileage is all based on that and how fast individuals feel like hiking. Either way only 80 miles to the border. It's a drop in the bucket at this point.
Hanging out in the bakery on a cold morning was pretty fantastic. It's a great atmosphere and they are super friendly. We spent hours there, playing cards and just enjoying ourselves (oh and of course eating far to much).

Everyone but Caveman, Wrong Way and I decided to take off today. I decided that as long as I do 20 plus tomorrow I would rather have a real zero (my last zero!) than do lower miles. The other two are so fast they don't have to worry but I'll be on that first shuttle tomorrow which should put me on the trail a bit before ten. 3 hiking days to the border! Until then, just enjoy my zero day.

Watching the clouds roll in and the wind whip through the trees. Almost looks like there might be some real weather. Hung out all afternoon. Turns out there is a rec room with an amazingly comfy couch where I managed to read a whole book. Wow do I miss reading books. Took care of the rest of my chores and made dinner. Hotel room tonight, but we still used my little alcohol stove to eat out if the hiker box... It was actually delicious, adding farm produce sure does enhance the tastiness of hiker food.

Nothing else too thrilling, just enjoyed the day off. Tomorrow back to my very last stretch. Exciting and terrifying all rolled into one.

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