Friday, April 3, 2015

20 days!!

I start hiking in 20 days, I can't believe how fast time is flying. On April 23rd I will be standing in New Mexico at the Crazy Cook monument starting this ridiculous adventure. The thing is I actually leave even sooner that that, its going to take a couple of days just to get down to the border which means I have less than 3 weeks to get this show on the road. Now I had grand plans for prep work. First, I was going to be super productive on my weekends off while I was still working. Well that certainly didn't happen. And now I've been off work almost 2 weeks and other than a fantastic visit with friends all I feel like I've done is garden and fret over details.

The list of all I have to do keeps getting longer. I haven't been hiking because of some funky foot injury over a month ago, so as my muscles turn to jelly and my foot aches the fear grows. I still have gear decisions to make although my big 3: tent, pack and sleeping bag are hopefully finalized. I haven't made an itinerary or bought plane tickets, I don't know how many resupply boxes I'm going to make yet, let alone what will be in them and I have a nice shiny package of unopened maps staring at me next to an empty GPS. So here's to no more procrastinating and a very slow start to New Mexico. A huge part of thru hikes is getting over the craziness of your own mind, and I know I want this. Things will fall into place and I've been quizzing plenty of great resources (Shroomer and Why Not you guys are amazing) so its time to kick it into high gear and put it all together!

I love this peanut but no matter how small she tries to be I'm pretty sure she won't fit into my backpack...

these shiny neatly packed maps are mocking me, where to even start!

at least I get pretty spring time to inspire me and make it even harder to sit indoors and plan

even Reno has gorgeous springtime (along with some wonderful people!)

I'm already missing all the vegetables
Alright good luck to me and all the lovely people who have been listening to my crazy manic debating, love you all!!

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  1. Foot, resupplies, all that stuff. Get to work. I'll send you my procastination app :)