Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 5: Town Day

Day 5: mile 78-84.5 (6.5 miles)

I wasn't in any particular hurry since I had so few miles until town but I woke up at 6 and figured I would head out since I was awake. 
Staying in town today has been a real debate for me. I'm trying to be less hard on myself and stop comparing myself to other hikers, rather just do what feels right at the time. And a long town day sounds great. I regret how few towns I actually stayed the night in and explored. Town days are filled with chores, catching up on real life (bills, emails etc) and most importantly food for the next section, sorting gear, replacing bad gear and sometimes making up resupply boxes for farther ahead in the trail. Most post offices and resorts/hiker trail Angels will hold boxes 30 days which works great for hikers. 


It was a quick morning, rolling sign to sign over rocky tread and finally a road walk down Main St and hiker central in Lordsburg, the Econolodge. And there was Thatch in his bright orange wind pants walking towards me! Turns out he pulled into the cache right at dark and slept on the other side of the fence. He left before me trying to catch Hanitizer to pay him back, missed him by a few minutes. But we killed the morning chatting up all the hikers at the motel, drying all of our gear and even got a room early when one of the cleaning ladies felt sorry for us. 

Town breakfast (and lunch)

Yard sale. It didn't rain last night but I woke up soaked covered in frost 

Prewash socks before real laundry, they get cleaner that way. 

Thatch had to resupply for 12 days, this next stretch and 2 full resupply boxes. His entire pack was food in the way back from the store. 

Easiest hitch ever. Some guy pulled over offering us a ride back to hotel, we hadn't even been trying. 

The rest of the day disappeared in an instant of showers, resupply and do many other chores. Tomorrow it's breakfast and then 58.6 miles to Silver City. Should be good. 

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