Monday, April 27, 2015

Tomorrow is the day!

There was a guy in a ZPacks kilt in the hostel living room. Clearly another hiker. He's Hatch and has hiked the PCT and AT. We walked to greyhound together and eventually Caveman and Michael from Maine showed up. It was fun to catch up and talk gear and everyone is so excited. 
Then it was a long bus ride where my new best friend was a very chatty 3 year old who thinks pooping in the woods is gross. Good times
Once in Lordsburg the heat turned up and I went through gear and food for the millionth time. Sharing a room with Threshold and meeting lots of other hikers. 
Shuttle leaves at 0615 so it's going to be an early start to squeeze in that free continental breakfast. Looks like 8 of us are heading out tomorrow with clouds and temps in the high seventies and a chance of thunderstorms on Sunday. 
. A map of the first 85 miles and the locations of the water caches, a bit vague huh :)

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