Monday, April 27, 2015

Day 2: where's Waldo

Day 2: mile 15.1-37.2 (22.1 miles)

It rained a few times overnight, heavy drumming rain that had me nervous with my haphazard tent pitch. But way to go Solplex you did a good and kept me dry despite my lack of skill setting you up. Although I did prop up my sun umbrella over my feet to stop the bottom of the wet tent from hitting my bag and it worked perfectly. 

6:45 and Thatch, Hanitizer and myself set out on our own. 10ish miles of cross country follow the ever disappearing and nonexistent posts to Highway 81 and the only water for the day.  

The biggest trick of the morning besides finding the posts was the arroyos there were so many of them! That and the very painful plants that seemed determined to attack my legs at every turn. 

Thatch trying to find a way down one of arroyos. (Look for the bright orange pants, these are some big dips to be climbing around all morning). 

I managed to find myself way to high on the mountainside and after cutting down the posts were suddenly magically large and easy to see with the shorter vegetation and it was smooth sailing for a bit. Until I of course lost the posts and found that I had made it to the road but most definitely not the cache. After some angry muttering and map staring I did figure it out. 

Hanitizer was at the cache but no one  else. We got water and while we were waiting Theresa and another trail angel pulled up to refill the cache and we got updates on hiker Bill and his second rescue by border patrol. Then Thatch pulled in and Hanitizer headed out. I left not too long after entering another cross country section, thankfully full of bright blue and white CDT signs. 

This part was fun, just within line of sight you cross country from post to post. Then the trail magically became an old dirt road for the rest of the day (something that was not marked on the map at all). 

It was pretty easy going with a nice breeze and I felt good but I decided to camp around 6. Early but no matter how I break the miles up I still make it to Lordsburg (first town stop!!) Monday so who cares? Plus 22 miles may not be much later in the hike but right now on fresh soft city feet, knees and ligaments rushing is just plain silly for me. 

It's windy but hopefully free of rain. It was a happy surprise when Thatch showed up and decided to stay. After dinner and sorting maps and my food for tomorrow it's definitely bedtime. This was a 20 mile dry stretch but by hiking part way through today it's only 8 miles to water. But after dry camping I'm always thrilled to get to water sources.

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