Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 17: Pie Town!!

Day 17

5/9: mile 37.6-40
Miles: 2.4
Total trip miles: 320.7

Well it certainly never rained again which was pretty great and I was up and ready to go, I had pie in my future! Up and out, down the cold road the few short miles to Pie Town. 

I wasn't quite sure where the Toaster House was in Pie Town but I shouldn't have worried. As I walked down the street there was Rafiki standing in front of a house, with its front arch covered in toasters. The toaster house is a rad place, a local woman named Nita owns it and let's hikers and bikers stay as they head through town. 

I'll admit I was a little overwhelmed. I walked in to step over someone sleeping on the kitchen floor. Small and full of people, gear and knickknacks it was a bit overwhelming. Thankfully it was warm, heated by a wood burning kitchen stove and had a most magical giant pot of coffee. I checked in with the folks I knew and met a ton of others. Coffee was the first priority, the post office is only open 7:30-9:30 on Saturdays and pie unfortunately not until 11. But the RV park next door offered showers and wifi so I had plenty to keep me occupied. I'll admit the first hour was just me collapsed on the warm couch.    

I dragged myself into the cold morning for the half mile walk to the post office, which was pretty hilarious. A very tiny building, a super friendly post mistress and a lot of hikers crammed inside. 

I'll let you just imagine the smell

We checked the pie hours and hungrily headed back to the house. Drinking coffee, chatting trail I heard the shout of snow. Yup it was snowing on us in New Mexico. What good timing to be inside! 


I finally ventured towards the showers. They were amazingly warm, heaters inside and nice hot water, lousy water pressure but I couldn't be happier. When I opened the door to leave I immediately shut the thing right back up. It was snowing sideways, why oh why had I not thought to look for a towel? Ever dried yourself with a fleece hat and then walked a block in the snow with wet hair? Not recommended. 

The constant debate, wifi vs weather

A break in the storm right in time for opening hours. Only one of the two pie shops in town was open so we headed to the Pie-O-Neer. We spent hours there. It was super crowded, the pie was great and we were having a great time. 

Pie town, not the biggest but pretty rad 

The rest of the day was resupply, hiker gossip and a whole lot of amazing relaxing. Way too many hours passed and bedtime was fast approaching. We voted for sleeping outside in a vain attempt to escape some of the snoring. Super cold, and only a little snow...

All in all an amazing day. I think maybe 25+ thruhikers in all. 

Deep thinking at the dinner table 

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