Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 21: Grants!

Day 21

5/13: mile 522-537.4 Lot a Burger

Total trip miles: 393.8

Everything was dry when I woke up despite the rain and it was a town day. Woohoo! No water sources and a 14 mile road walk into town. We had this in the bag. 

Clearly in a rush

Cruising in the cool morning dancing down the road life is good. About 7 miles into the morning we hit the highway 117 and 40 intersection and a miraculous thing met our eyes. There was a gas station and a subway! Hot breakfast and a bathroom, woohoo! Things just keep getting better. 

Then it was 8 miles of road walking, we passed 2 prisons and 2 cross country cyclists as we headed down Route 66. We wandered into Grants with vague plans but no actual destination. It's a frustratingly spread out town and the nicer hotels are off the trail. We had some vague idea to walk the length of town just to get it over with but got sidetracked by milkshakes and other hikers. 

We chatted with a guy who knows the Mumms, the local trail Angels and got some hotel ideas. I guess it's graduation weekend and it's a uranium town and the hotels are surprisingly busy. We decided to call it quits and headed back south towards the hotels. Miraculously the Cebolla transport bus pulled over and gave us a free ride to the hotels.

A little drama after one hotel refused us, but the Quality Inn is rad and we got their last double bed room. 

Then it was hours of sitting, snacks, trips to Walmart and playing in the jacuzzi and pool. So much needed relaxing. 

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