Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 32: and another day off?

5/24: miles 0!!

I guess hiking is overrated? Last night I was 100% sure I would be hiking out today. But then I woke up today and it was raining. A roof and a bed were a nice treat and I even slept in a whole 30 minutes and then just stayed happily wrapped in the warm blankets. The problem was the the rain, not just a drizzle but really raining. Leaving was sounding so much less fun. 

To leave or not to leave?

At breakfast it was all rain snow and upcoming doom chatter. People seemed pretty split on leaving. Even the folks who were leaving all planned on heading out late. Breakfast was thankfully tasty, lots of fruit and coffee. Overall the food has been super disappointing. Then we wandered over to the wifi, it's pretty funny walking into the cafe. All hikers taking advantage of electricity and Internet, I swear we really do like the outdoors. 

More people streamed in, even a few new hikers. Folks like Handy Andy who has been steadily hitting 35 plus mile days and then all the people who have just been a bit behind but are taking less days off. Either way I think there are some 30 odd hikers here. 

We decided what's the rush. There is a lot of snow and rain plus today's hike out would take us over 10000 ft and will undoubtedly be a mud filled mess this afternoon. So more rest and recovery we don't really need but we also found a DVD player in the library and are planning on a movie day. 

Nothing too thrilling the rest of the day. We managed to squeeze a whole mess of hikers into the library and watch Jurassic Park and Hook, complete with all of the expected heckling. And at least me and Funsize obnoxiously quoting and making dinosaur noises. 

Probably the best part of the day were the unexpected new folks. Songbird and Banana Ripper finished the PCT in 2013 with Funsize and are on a road trip camping a few miles away. They came with snacks and their beagle Henry. We don't get a whole lot of dog time out here so that was pretty great. 

And after a whole lot of planning and phone calls Funsize's sister Shannon joined us. She has a month off and is going to hike out with Funsize. So then it was way too much gear and food talk and packing and repacking of packs.  

This was a bit of a weird stop but good people so worth it, but I'm ready to start hiking!

And Funsize finally sent me this photo of my favorite friend heading out of Cuba. 

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