Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 19: the Road to 117

5/11: Mile 1.5-? Somewhere on highway 117. 
Miles: about 28

Total trip miles: 353.4

Surprise, surprise a nice day of all road walking was in my future. The first water was something like 10 miles away so I hit the road and set to walking. 

The road isn't super exciting but I do pass a whole lot of private property absolutely no trespassing, hunting or anything type signs. Despite all the serious no trespassing signs everyone in the passing cars always waves back. New Mexico has been shockingly friendly and just a great state to spend time in. Besides we do get a few weird signs like this one. 

Happily enough I saw a big American flag flying and this lovely sign. 

To elaborate this first water source of the day is pretty exciting. Rather than a cow pond or mystery well it's actually a local couple that allows hikers to get water. I wander onto the property, grab some water and take my shoes off for a nice break. I don't see anyone around but it's a nice spot. Soon enough I hear some voices and a door crack open. Feeling like I shouldn't just lurk in the bushes I step up and wave. I'm invited into a rad building I thought was actually a garage but turns out to be the home of the Thomas'. They are the cutest little couple, married 64 years now living on 150 acres out in Pie Town after 48 years of living in Albuquerque. They were super sweet, and somehow another vortex got me. Bigfoot showed up but we were there almost 3 hours. The Maine Guy showed up after getting a ride with what looks like a nasty shin splint. Hoping the best for him I hit the road. 

I was feeling great, busy enjoying my afternoon cruising along and along came Rick. He's the husband of one of the warrior hikers and I got a nice soda for my miles. 

Bigfoot managed to scare the living daylights out of me as I was talking to myself. But then we just wandered down the long road together. 

Eventually we passed a not so great looking well and voted to go on. We rounded a corner and every tree seemed to disappear but we found the next solar well. A bit off trail we trekked away and found beautiful running water. Unfortunately we were pretty lazy and after our snack the water stopped running. So instead of nice water we grabbed tank water, not to bad. Then back to the road, and magically there was Funsize! 

We started down the road. Deciding against one road walk and Keith heading straight towards 117. My feet were starting to complain and we lost Funsize after a break. Then more road walking. It was getting dark and we were checking out any potential water sources on our map when we found this beauty. 

Turns out it tasted pretty strange but I'll take it. Then it was highway 117, a beautiful sunset and the search for a campsite. 

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