Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 18: Pie Town Vortex

5/10: mile 40-1.5 on the Cebolla Alternate
Miles: 4.7

Total trip miles: 325.4

Well I was planning on leaving Pie Town after a little breakfast and a few chores. The other pie place opened around 10 so I figured noon sounded perfectly respectable. It was not to be. Pie Town turned out to be a nice little town vortex. 

Our sign says happy Mother's Day, about half the actual hikers made it into the photo but you get the idea, quite the crowd 

It took forever to get out of the house and somehow the idea of not dragging packs that 0.3 miles off trail to the pie shop made sense. So after a massive breakfast burrito a few of us ended up at the other pie place for more pie. Another wonderful time suck, Peru was helping out in the kitchen and Funsize and Delightful had whole pies on the way ordered by a friend. I was strong and the wait was long so instead of waiting the hour or so for a whole pie I headed out after just one piece. 

I was so proud of myself, but then I entered the Toaster House. Bigfoot was still in sweatpants and food had magically reappeared (no really the neighbors are amazing) and suddenly hiking just didn't seem as appealing. The day stretched on, trail magic appeared and the afternoon was gone. 

Somehow we realized if we didn't leave it just wasn't going to happen. The snow was gone, just small thunderstorms in our future and so around 7 Bigfoot and I finally pulled away from pie town and made it about as far as we could by full dark. 

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