Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 22: Grants Zero!

Day 22

5/14: no miles!!!

I'm lousy at sleeping in, my eyes seems to pop open around 6 regardless. Luckily Funsize is an early riser to do while Bigfoot slept we investigated the continental breakfast. Yogurt, make your own waffles, coffee and juice, it was heavenly. 

Days off in town are great but always seem busier than they should be. The amazing Mumms who are local trail Angels actually dropped out resupply boxes of at the hotel for us. Both Funsize and I had mailed boxes to then rather than the post office. A really helpful thing for hikers because post offices can be tricky to get to while they're actually open. 

I have new shoes!!

Our morning was spent with us staring at our resupply boxes, multiple trips to Walmart and way too long on our phones using wifi. Throughout the day Nightcrawler, Mountain Spice and Thatch all turned up. They had stayed at different motels the night before but we're joining us for more gossipy time killing. 

How many chips are too many?

Epsom salt feet soaking specialist Thatch
Funsize really made it special. He had a friend from Albuquerque who wanted to do some trail magic, in the form of massage! Lloyd was a super great guy who brought a massage chair and put up with our horribly inappropriate jokes, lousy smell and constant snacking like a champ. Chiming in perfectly and making for a great afternoon. 

Lloyd working away 

Thanks Lloyd you're amazing!

More trips to Walmart, staring at gear and playing in the pool/hot tub rounded out our rapidly disappearing day. 


Both Kramers and Shane hiked in around noon and joined us just hanging out and catching us up on whose behind us. Shane even managed to magically make Lightbright (?) appear. Basically through the powers of Instagram and perfect timing both Thatch and Shane got to see a fellow 2009 PCT hiker. Lightbright was rad, taking her stuff across country to then bike up to Montana and hike the Pacific Northwest Trail. One of the trails I'm most curious about.

Look how far we've come!!

The evening was great, goofing off and getting nothing useful done. We even made friends with another hotel guest (a travel nurse like me!). It was busy and overwhelming but a fun day. It's been great and I'm looking forward to breakfast but I'm staring to get itchy feet. Time to hike!

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