Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 8: Silver City you are one rad town

Day 8: mile 130.1-144.5 Silver City 
14.4 miles 

I had big plans, I was so close to highway 90 that I wanted to wake up nice and early and do as much of my 12.5 mile road walk in the cool of the morning as possible. Road walks can be tough, especially paved big roads. The cars zooming past can be a little overwhelming and pavement for that long is tough on your feet. Plus the shade is pretty minimal. 
So when my I alarm went off I knew all these things but it was so cold out! So I stalled for a bit and finally packed up and headed down Tyrone Rd. Easy walking and then onto the highway. A nice big climb to start out, most of the views in the beginning were just of Tyrone Mine, apparently a giant copper mine. 

Nothing too exciting, and it was getting hot as I got closer to town. 

Not quite. More like 8 miles but I think these have something to do with the bike race. 

As I was walking down the highway I watched a guy on a bike turn around and cross the highway. He pulled up and immediately asked if I was a CDT hiker and needed a place to stay. So with directions and names it was looking like I might actually spend the night in Silver City. 

Just a few minutes later a search and rescue car pulled over next to me. But it was just a very nice lady named Wendy. Welcoming me to town and saying the worst part of the road walk was almost over. 

This bridge will be demolished 5/5, new trail will follow as construction continues 

Silver City was overwhelming, I had no idea where to start. The first thing I saw was a historical site about Billy the Kidd. 

Then I stopped in at the Visitors Center (bathrooms, water and wifi!) and then the post office. I was hoping for a hiker box but no luck. 

Still circling I stopped at the two bike shops to look for some gear and got another offer for a place to stay and then headed to the local coop to resupply. So many errands I was just ready for a break. 

I was heading down the street when Thatch appeared and when we turned the next corner there was Rafiki. Lots of stories and a long lunch were perfect. Thatch made the same mistake as me yesterday only he followed the trail farther until it just disappeared and then turned around and retraced his steps unlike me who decided to cross country. Either way nice to know yet again I am not alone. 
This mural is amazing, I think the Harry Potter is maybe my favorite 

New hiking shirts

We wandered in circles doing errands and finally stopped in at the bike haus. What a cool house, guess it's famous in certain circles but a perfect bit of trail magic. 

Doesn't your house have a puppet loft? 

Sitting around tired and so hot. Chatting with the some of the guys at the Bike Haus and just general nonsense. We headed back to town (so much walking during our down time!) and stopped in at the brewery and found so many hikers. 

Lots of chaos and updates then more food and even more wandering and people. Finally back to the house and sleep.
The house is less than 0.3 miles to the trail and after how hot today was I'm hoping for an early start tomorrow. 

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