Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 159: to Pentagon Creek

9/27: Pentagon creek- mile 2870.1
Miles: 24
Total trip miles: 2810.7

The day started with a nice solid 2000 ft plus climb. But it was well graded and just a lot of fun.

Scared a bunch of grouse as we went, they are everywhere this section.

Getting higher it was cool to see so much more rock and eve some glimpses of the Chinese Wall.

Over the top of switchback pass it was beautiful but icy cold, frost all over the trail and wind meant no hanging out to enjoy the view.

Break time below Pentagon Peak

Staring up at the trilobite range

It was finally time to cut down, and down some more into a river basin and then roll along for a bit.

But hey we found this unexpected ranger station with a perfect porch for a break. Nicely done Gooseberry Guard Station.

Then it was back to miles of old burn and I was back to being cranky. Tired and cold we tried to find somewhere in the trees to hopefully avoid to much frost.

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