Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 166: Short Day

10/4: St Mary-Babb
Miles: 9
Total trip miles: 2912.2

It's a short leisurely hike today. Upper Saint Mary Lake and Blackfeet Reservation land.

Our permit still makes me giggle, even if it is totally irrelevant now.

The clouds are lifting but I'm still wearing every item of clothing. Not a lot of snow down here but a lot more up high for sure.

Mostly I just enjoy the colors and the sky as it comes out. A short storm but everything is even crisper and colder now.

We spend the night in Babb and tomorrow we finish. I'm tired and all melancholy, my body has liked the slower days but I'm still in a funny place. Back at the end of the PCT I remember being so very excited and in a whole world of hurt from my achilles. This time other than regular aches and pains I'm pretty good and not ready to go back to work at all. The overwhelming fatigue isn't present which is awesome and it helps that I'm already planning next summer. Still I continually feel like I should be happier than I am, but maybe it's just that this journey is coming to a close and it's hard not to feel on edge leaving something this big behind. Oh well I'm not quite done yet.

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