Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 158: the Chinese Wall

9/26: West Fork South Fork Sun River-Pentagon Creek
Miles: 24
Total trip miles: 2786.7

Today we get to see the Chinese Wall, pretty much the only thing I have ever heard about in the Bob. Google tells me it's actually 12 miles of limestone towering 1000 ft high, anyhow it always sounded pretty cool.

It's a slow but steady climb up to the wall, it's hazy but at least we can see pretty well. I wonder what's burning now?

First views

We eventually get past the wall and head down back into fall.

Then more burn, surprise surprise. But hey at least we got real trees until the afternoon.

We turn off the CDT and head down towards Spotted Bear Pass, a popular alternate for this section.

Down the steep canyon we go, fall color and creeks are everywhere and so far it's mostly just a nice break from the dead trees.

At the bottom we stop at Pentagon Creek, with the most established campsites we've seen in ages. There's even a bear hang set up, but we have a nice spot tucked into the trees that will hopefully keep us sheltered from the cold wind.

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