Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 167: CANADA

10/5: Babb-Chief Mountain Border Crossing
Miles: 18
Total trip miles: 2930.2

It's strange to have a schedule but we do, a shuttle is picking us up to take us back to East Glacier and the Amtrak station so away we go one last time.

It's sunny and beautiful and while I'm still bitching that we missed some of glacier I can't argue that chief mountain and our route is awfully pretty. Besides now I have one more excuse to go back to glacier.

So what happens when you get to a closed border crossing and can't find the monument? You walk around in circles probably looking nice and suspicious past a million cameras searching for an obelisk. It feels like we're trespassing but we start taking pictures and within a few minutes have 2 armed guards walking toward us.

One has a sense of humor, the other not so much. We talk in circles and after they finally decide we aren't actually trying to go to Canada and really did just hike the CDT and want some photos they stand around making us nervous. I sheepishly ask for them to take a photo and we don't hang around much longer as they stare and warn us that there isn't any traffic and continually ask how we're getting back to town. We keep trying to explain that we have a shuttle and even if we didn't walking back wouldn't exactly be a major hassle.

We have made it to the border early and sit and twiddle our thumbs waiting for our ride. But they eventually show and an hour and a half or so later we're back in East Glacier chatting with Hot Tub and Coincidence waiting for Amtrak. And just like that it's over. What a ride, this trail sure kicks your butt but is worth every step.

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  1. WooHoo. Gotta love them there border guards. Congrats on getting it done,

  2. Congrats on another long trail! I really enjoyed your photography as usual and the stories too of course.

    1. Thanks, can't believe you're still following along!

  3. Great pictures + good stories = good blogging to follow! :-) I usually stick with one or two from each PCT hiking season and yours is one of those. Thanks for the good work!