Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 161: East Glacier

9/29: 1.5 miles past Badger Guard Station-East Glacier
Miles: such a guess here maybe 23?
Total trip miles: 2857.2

Today we're getting to East Glacier, that's our last official town stop which is completely surreal.

The morning is spent walking along the river, it's a lazy slow morning. At first it's freezing and long breaks become even longer when the sun appears, nothing like lounging in burn zones with light packs and town in our sights.

Getting close to the road, we even see tourists. It's been awhile.

The maps and GPS disagree and instead of staying on the dirt road that seems to head the right way we bushwhack thinking we might find the trail we missed. I'm thinking we screwed up pretty quickly into this adventure but am trying to be a good sport which really just means I'm sulking as we crash through waist high brush. I'm thinking the GPS was wrong and we didn't miss a darn thing, I think the intersection was probably ahead not behind. I'm even more upset when our unexpected cross country finds us at this sandy gravel cliff.

Rest Stop charges ahead and skates down with no effort. It takes me 15 minutes and about halfway I get stuck on some loose shale and end up with some real flashy road rash on my backside. Needless to say my sulking goes through the roof and I'm a little shaky after the near vertical descent.

Rest Stop decides to hitch but that's not for me so I trudge the rest of the way to town. Cranky and worn out I make it to East Glacier where I find Rest Stop, Holly and Squarl.
I'm beat down but I'm in Glacier in the home stretch now! Hopefully the looming snow in the forecast will go away soon...

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  1. Maya my wife and I are thinking about a zion transverse over her spring break. Read your account but would like to pick your brain more once your life gets back to normal. Can you message me at mojavedeserthiker (at) gmail whenever you get a chance?