Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 165: Sitting in St Mary

Miles: 0

There are no mountains when we wake up, the clouds have eaten them. We debate hiking and eventually walk down to the grocery store which is still open with limited hours. While we're there we run into Squarl and holly. They had the same idea as us and stayed in town last night. Except they have friends with a car and just slept there instead of getting a room.

We debate options and look at maps. Ultimately we cobble together our own new route, yes we will be skipping some of glacier but high passes above treeline today seem like a downright dumb idea. We've played enough on the snow and have nonrefundable plane tickets and a shuttle from chief mountain to consider. I'm a bit cranky, if I could have killed a few more days we could have avoided this reroute but time is not on my side anymore. And I'm not going to lie, heat is pretty darn nice today.

Later we talk to Hot tub and Coincidence about today. They finished at the border that morning and said it was so cold all they could do was turn on video on their phone and keep walking, stealing screenshots later of the end. I'll admit I'm not usually a fair weather hiker but at this point in the game it's pretty nice.

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