Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 160: the badger fire

9/28: 1.5 miles past Badger Guard Station
Miles: 23.5
Total trip miles: 2834.2

It was 27 degrees when we woke up, well those few days of summer were fun while they lasted. Nothing like a frosty tent and ice filled water bottles to get you going.

It was uneventful walking to Badger Pass where we turned a corner to find the fresh burn that had this section closed a week or two ago. We weren't sure if this section was officially reopened but there were no closure signs so off we went.

Definitely a different environment.

In and out of burn

The trail got more overgrown as we went, so many willows to attack my legs. At least it's been awhile since my legs looked so thrashed. A purple route took us down a canyon through more brush and unsettlingly close to smoke about 5 miles in, but past a few more trail intersections and still no closed signs.

Still loving all the changing aspen

I'm not sure why but between slippery hood and hungry man I couldn't stop giggling

An icy cold river crossing and looking back we saw another spot fire, hmm not good. A short climb later we of course passed a trail closed sign, but it was from August and we knew at least some of it wasn't in effect anymore so I still have no idea if we were in the wrong or not.

And that's officially the first time I've seen flames on the trail.

We didn't head much further, climbing out of the canyon and past a guard station we stopped on a nice bit of flat road s d crossed fingers for less ice tonight.

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