Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 102, Shelter Cove

Daily mileage: 20 PCT, 2 off trail
Mile 1892-1912

Today the goal was Shelter Cove, woohoo town day. Okay sort of a town, a store and a box waiting for me. Better than nothing.
Up and going I flew towards Summit lake, the first water of the day.

After circling the lake it was time to start climbing, wow is this area gorgeous. But more and more snow as we got higher, man does that snow wear on you. All that slipping and sliding and losing the trail is tiring.

Ran into Beaverchief and he and Wrong Way sped down the trail. Me, I continued to battle the snow, apparently more tired than the other two this morning. I was rounding a corner and I heard a noise that just wasn't good. A loud cracking and a thud along with a shout, uh oh. No response to my shout but as I rounded the trees I found Wrong Way with his face all bloody holding snow to his jaw. Hmm not good.
He insisted we start walking as he iced his face but didn't look good. I was finally feeling good and hiking with beaver chief but Wrong Way was starting to worry me. Long story short he had all the fun symptoms of a head injury and I slowed down so he wouldn't be hiking alone. That was a long 8 miles to Shelter Cove but with all the stumbling and such I sure was glad he wasn't alone.
Turns out the cousins, caveman, marmot, and all or nothing were already at the resort. And once Wrong Way got a cabin we had a growing group of hikers staying the night. Samwise and Sweet As showed up and after we convinced Willamette Ski Resort to deliver us pizza it was a glorious evening. Injuries aside a great day. Wrong Way is looking better, will have to see what the morning brings. Until then we get to enjoy this insanely nice cabin.

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  1. Great to see you at Odell Maya as I'm a big fan of your blog. Keep up the great work! -Portland PCT Section Hiker Mike (AKA GoalTech)