Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 115, Holy Huckleberry Batman

Daily mileage: 29
Mile 2159-2188

Well Washington sure started with a climb, something like 3000 ft up from the Columbia Gorge.

With no rush I was just heading up enjoying the views. Plus partway up there were ripe huckleberries and blueberries. Berries, wildflowers, fog, I love this state.

Heading down into another canyon the berries were absurd. I could barely make it a few feet without having to stop and eat more delicious berries.

The morning stayed hot and muggy, but the trees and ferns were gorgeous. Flip flopped with Big Slice and Eric all day which was cool, I love hanging out with new thruhikers.

Nothing too eventful today. Just another climb and then down and down towards Trout River. A pretty nice spot but no berries on the climb down, not quite sure on when and where they are happiest but I have high hopes for Washington. Hung out at the river and then pushed on three more miles to the wind river. Mosquitoes started to come out and we walked with a quickness in the vain hopes of being less bitten. This is some pretty country but wow, insane number of no trespassing signs. Somehow I get the feeling the trail is on some kind of easement here...
Camped on the bridge where no mosquitoes have found us yet. Here's to hoping for a good nights sleep.

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