Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 103, Climbing out from Shelter Cove

Daily mileage: 25
Mile 1912-1937

I woke up to the rustling of a bunch of people packing. Well I had no intention of rushing so I just tried to go back to sleep. The cousins, caveman, marmot, and not a chance all took off before 5:30. I was awake but happily not hiking yet. Still had to run to the store and I was waiting for Wrong Way to wake up just to make sure he was doing okay.
Sweet As, Samwise, Wrong Way, and I headed over to grab a few last minute things and by 9 started heading back up the 2 miles to the trail. Wrong Way took off and then the other two sped away and I was back to being solo. Climbing into the forest, lakes and pretty views. So nice to be back on the trail.

A day in the forest, flip flopping with other hikers and just enjoying the trail. Around dinner time I ran into the cousins, caveman and Samwise at Charlton Lake. Took a long break, enjoyed dinner and then decided to try to push it and make at least 9 miles to Brahma Lake.

That plan went out the window when 6 miles in I found Samwise wandering in the trail. Sweet As had stopped early at some lake with a campground. The mosquitoes were horrendous so by the time we found Sweet As he had started a campfire and I decided why not stop early.

So camp at 7pm with a campfire and other hikers, pretty sweet and definitely different. Loving it.

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