Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 112, Bye Bye Mt Hood

Daily mileage: 28
Mile 2109-2137

What a morning! As the trail wound its way slowly down and eventually off Mt Hood it seemed that every time you turned a corner you had to stop to enjoy the view, it's really a fantastic way to spend a morning.

Finally made it to the sandy river crossing, and made the detour to see Ramona Falls. Very much worth the time.

Back to the trail, across a rushing creek, I love downed trees they make crossings so simple. Then it was time to climb, shady and lovely the PCT eventually left the Timberline Trail and after descending down to Lolo Pass I got one of my last good glimpses of Mt Hood.

Took a great nap in the afternoon. Apparently no rush today. Tomorrow I will be in Cascade Locks, and officially at the Oregon/Washington border but first is the Eagle Creek alternate route. Decided to camp right at the trail split for the alternate so I hit the trail and enjoyed the rest of the way there.
A few more great views and called it a night.

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