Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 122, Clear Cuts and Dirt Roads

Daily mileage: 33
Mile 2346-2379

My first 10 miles were pretty uneventful. Some climbing and meandering through the forest. I even managed to scare two more herds of elk. At least this time none of them ran towards me. I did somehow miss my first water at Arch Rock Spring. Not sure if I walked past the sign or what but the seasonal stream 0.1 miles down the trail was flowing so no harm no foul.
I took a break at the Ulrich Shelter because I wanted to take a quick peek. It's a shelter right off the trail that anyone can camp at, the PCT doesn't have a lot of shelters like the AT does and I tend to be curious enough to want to check them out since they are so scarce. Met some dirt bikers and a grandfather and his grandson out riding from White Pass to Snoqualmie with 4 mules. Nice morning chat, I heard who was ahead and that I had missed a hot breakfast by 20 minutes. Oh well, hopefully I'll be in town tomorrow. The shelter itself wasn't too bad, but it was 9 in the morning, 78 degrees out and there were only a few wispy clouds. Basically no good reason to hang out at a building with only a wood stove and some mice.

After that the trail shortly became the land of clear cuts and old fires. Lots of open areas with young trees and a million dirt roads, and that was pretty much it the whole day. The only plus to the clear cuts, the trail is high enough and winds around enough mountains that you get some pretty cool views.

Still had some more forested sections with a few good climbs and descents throughout the day.

Clouds were rolling in all day but only a few raindrops at dusk, I'm hoping to stay dry.

Nice almost 1000 foot climb towards sunset that really gave me some good views. But it was hard to get anywhere because of the ridiculous number of ripe huckleberries. So delicious.

It's hard to tell but that's Rainier in the background.

Only 23 miles to Snoqualmie, I should be there tomorrow. Today I officially have less than 300 miles to go. Half the time I don't know whether to jump for joy or cry because it's almost over. There are so many things I will miss when this is over, oh well still plenty of time to mull all this over. Solo hiking is definitely good for over thinking things.

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