Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 120, White Pass

Daily mileage: 15
Mile 2298-2313

With only 5 miles to go and a store that didn't open up until 8 no rush this morning. All downhill, a few miles in officially passed the 2300 mile mark. So exciting, passed near some chairlifts and continued to speed downhill. Managed to perfectly time it, right as we got to the store the doors opened. Then managed to spend a ridiculous number of hours at the store. Got the chance to hang out with Big Slice, Eric, and met Matt, Tomato, and 12% during our day there.

I had wanted to head out around 2 or 3 but at 1 it was over 90 and heading towards 100. Didn't end up leaving until closer to 5 when I could at least pretend it wasn't as hot out. Entered the land of mosquitoes and ponds and pretty much just hiked until dark. Talked with the guys and decided to head out solo. I love them all but just don't want to be in a group right now, so at least until Snoqualmie it's just me.

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