Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 110, Where are you Mt Hood

Daily mileage: 34
Mile 2068-2102

Successful tent night, woke up dry. Thank goodness because it rained for hours. Packed up and hit the trail, with that great wet earth smell accompanying the soaking wet bushes. The morning miles cruised by. I love cool mornings, climbs just go by so much faster. It doesn't hurt when you get to eat huckleberries as you go either. 13 miles by ten, I'm hoping that means a 33 mile day won't be hard. That will set us up nicely for breakfast tomorrow. Thoughts of Belgian Waffles and fresh fruit will power me up the long afternoon climb.

The coolness disappeared and miles of flat turned out to be the trail slowly rounding a lake. Muggy and hot but at least shadier than yesterday.

Took a nice lunchtime break where I pretty much just curled up into a ball and tried to stay cool. Then it was time to start climbing, definitely not as bad of a climb as I was expecting. Plus some great spring water which always makes me happy. And after knowing we were ending up on Mt Hood I finally caught a glimpse, but not until after 5 at night.

Down to Highway 26 and an actual register. Fun knowing where folks are. Then up it was again, the plan had been to stop at 2100 or 2101 but everyone felt good so we just kept going. At Barlow Pass we found an outhouse, a picnic table, trash can and nice flat spots. Done, early night and 6.5 miles to a breakfast buffet!

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