Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 117, Wait do we actually get to see a mountain?

Daily mileage: 31
Mile 2214-2245

Some days it's fun to set goals and today started with Caveman and I thinking it would be fun to get to Road 23 for a late afternoon break. Today had no big highlights to look forward to in the morning and there were rumors of a trail cache at the road so why not right? It's only 24 miles away. So with that plan in mind I was off. At 9 am there was finally a break in the trees and a glorious field of huckleberries.

And then it was back to actually hiking. The thing that made the 24 miles sound so doable was that the first 19 were essentially downhill. And so I booked it through the forest. So sorry for the lack of pictures but my phone has been off almost all the time since Washington started. Just too many trees to cooperate with a solar charger. It was pleasant, just a lot of forest. 19 miles in was the great Trout Lake Creek. A nice shady bridge and the company of Beaver Chief and then Big Slice and Eric. After a leisurely break I sucked it up and headed out for the last 5 miles until the cache, straight up a nice big hill. Caught back up with Beaver Chief and we sweated our way up and back down the mountain getting excited every time we thought we saw the road.
And then there it was, only problem was there was no cache. Oh well at least there was a beautifully shady bridge for an afternoon break.
Then it was back to climbing. The goal was to get as close to the top of the mountain as possible, 6-7 miles should take us up to the base of Mt Adams. All day we were heading to this mountain and even while actually on it you only got a tiny glimpse or two. And then at 6 miles in and a very confusing junction (really PCT, a hairpin turn? Was that necessary?) there it was.

Climbed just a little farther when Beaver Chief caught up and we made a beeline for the cliff edge and the spectacular mountain filled sunset. I am so happy to be back in the mountains.

Camped on the edge, looking forward to Mt Adams tomorrow.

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