Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 111, Timberline

Daily mileage: 7
Mile 2102-2109

Early start because we have places to go, Belgian waffles and the Timberline's breakfast buffet were calling my name. Took off at 5 for the 2000 some odd feet of climbing over 5 miles up to the lodge. Very pleasant climbing, forested and cool in the early hours. A great seasonal spring where we grabbed just a bit of water and set off for the last 1.5 mile stretch. I had heard that there was a sandy section coming up but not having run into it I discounted it as the usual PCT gossip. Oops, it's real, and wow did it slow me down. But even in crazy sand finally truly being on Mt Hood in the morning light with lupine everywhere, blissful.

I was starting to cut it close as far as getting there when they opened so I sucked it up and sped myself towards that big giant building that seemed so close but so very far. I lost the sidetrail down to the lodge and just followed the millions of footsteps to the parking lot and booked it upstairs with ten minutes to spare.

And then it was glorious breakfast. Even managed to get Wrong Way, Bo, and his wife to join us.

After the great breakfast we all got to shower and then decided to lounge the day away. Bo and his wife kindly let us camp out in their room and so the day passed. We grabbed our resupply boxes and I got to open the extra exciting box from some Portland based blog followers. Bob and Holly you guys are awesome! All delicious things locally made and so tasty.
Then it was time for a nap and some good old TV watching time, caught up on the Olympics and then enjoyed the pool, hot tub, and sauna. So amazingly relaxing. I had zero desire to leave at all and no one disagreed with me so it wasn't until 8 pm that we finally peeled out. I had originally wanted to leave earlier but the sunset alone was 100% worth leaving late.
Skipping along loving life and the clouds. So great.

Right as we were trying to decide where to stop for the night we heard some voices. A big group was out hiking the Timberline Trail and offered us dinner and conversation. They were super curious about our trip and had delicious food. So we went to bed a little late but after a day of eating and relaxing I couldn't be happier.

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  1. Hey - glad you got the package and enjoyed it! Hope you enjoyed Oregon!