Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 157: Benchmark and the Bob

9/25: West Fork South Sun River
Miles: 22
Total trip miles: 2762.7

We sped the first few miles I the cold shade of the valley. Soon enough we turned off the trail and headed towards Benchmark Ranch and hopefully our resupply boxes. We had mailed boxes to this remote ranch back in Anaconda. It's a good setup for thruhikers, only about 1.5 miles off trail instead of hitching 30 miles on a dirt road to Augusta.

A little airstrip walking before benchmark

The salt lick at the ranch is better than TV

A handy porch and thankfully our resupply was safely waiting in the bear box out front. We repackaged and even snagged a ride back to the trail, the owners aren't usually there but we lucked out.

Then it was on to the Bob Marshall Wilderness and for the first time in ages we saw other people. We even got warned that we were in for a heat spell, 85 degrees sounds nicer than 50 so I'll take it.

I've been hearing about the Bob for ages, we're finally closing in on Canada.

As we walk through more burn there is an impish creaking and a tree falls a few feet in front of us, yay?

More bridges, always nice to keep my feet dry

That is a big bear right in front of me

It's a long afternoon and I slow down in the heat with my newly heavy pack. With aching feet (seriously shouldn't you be used to this by now feet?) I'm more then happy when we camp.

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