Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Day 9: Fire Tower Dreaming

4/29: Winding Stair Gap - mile 131.1
Mile 109.8 - 131.1 (21.3 miles)

The Budget Inn offers a free shuttle back to the trail so at 9am a big group of us were on our way.

The very glamorous highway crossing.

I feel like I've been remiss in not showing any of the millions of signs along the trail already, they always make me smile and appreciate how not lost I am

A few big climbs, it's trying to be spring as we climb but the trees are mostly barren. Thankfully the undergrowth makes up for the trees and it's still always interesting hiking.

It's a long climb to Wayah bald where there is a big stone lookout where a few of us relax in the shade.

Not a bad view huh? Although all the green hills are starting to look pretty darn similar

Then it's the regular leap frogging hikers until the Cold Spring shelter. It's a long break, chatting about hikes until it starts to get late and back to the trail we go. I feel like I'm on repeat out here, I love talking about other trail and can geek out about gear endlessly but I wish I'd a get a few new questions occasionally.

So many mystery things growing out here, I'm getting desperate for a field guide!

Fire tower views

We make it to the Wesser Bald lookout shelter where I had hoped to camp out. Unfortunately clouds have rolled threateningly in and the wind is more than brisk up at the lookout. So sadly we head on until we find a flat spot. It's dark and gloomy, darn it I hate doing the smart thing. At least there will be more fire towers.

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